Accrediting Council for Independent Christian School, Colleges and Universities
Accrediting Council for Independent Christian School, Colleges and Universities
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Accreditation is the act of certifying that an educational institution maintains suitable standards; the granting of approval to an institution of learning by an official review board after the school has met certain requirements. Specifically, accreditation is the review of a school's course offerings and procedures by a group of its peers to certify that that school is meeting its own stated objectives and offering its students the education it promises them.

  • ACFICSCU is an international accrediting commission which holds as its primary objective the encouragement and maintenance of sound scholarship and the highest academic achievement in the areas of private education. Quality education is the goal always.
  • ACFICSCU accreditation purpose is the preparation of quality education in private schools, colleges, and theological seminaries.
  • ACFICSCU is a non-governmental body and makes no claim to be connected with the government. Webster Dictionary defines accreditation as, “to give trust or confidence to; to vouch for; to recommend; to furnish with credentials, as an envoy or ambassador.”

An accrediting organization is a “watchman on the wall”.

Private Christian Education Accreditation Benefits

  • Students can be sure the curriculum is doctrinally pure and has not been influenced by secular or non-Christian theology. Nor is the curriculum influenced by political policy. It is no secret that the U.S. Department of Education has forced the Godhead out of non-private education.
  • Curriculum writers are free to present the course knowledge in a way that the Holy Spirit has influenced them to believe is best for the student. Busy-work is not required of the student, only teaching that is relevant and edifying.
  • College directors are able to make financial decisions deemed to be in the student’s best interest and not competing, outside meddling interests. These decisions have a bottom-line impact on student tuition, fees, and book costs. Be Aware: Higher cost does not guarantee higher quality.
  • The student will receive a Biblically conservative religious education at an affordable cost equipping him or her for ministry.

What Does Accreditation Give Students and Graduates?

A degree covers the major taken with that degree. A student must understand that credits taken in one type of program may, or may not, transfer to another educational program. This is the sole determination of the receiving institution and not a function of the accreditation agency.

The job market is highly competitive. Training is specialized in most fields. A graduate in one field may have difficulty in being hired in a field they are not certified for.

Institutions accredited by ACFICSCU exemplify the highest standards of Christian education. Students study in a Christ-centered learning environment under Christian teachers and professors, whose goal is to develop the whole person body, mind and spirit. All ACFICSCU schools, colleges and universities are evaluated on Biblical Foundation as well as operational standards and criteria during the accreditation process. This equates to Christian campuses which employ only Christian teachers, professors, are drug, alcohol and tobacco free, require church/chapel attendance, emphasise the building of Christian character in all students, and avoid actions that are forbidden by Scripture.
Accrediting Council for Independent Christian Schools, Colleges and Universities (ACFICSCU) has extended  accreditation exclusively to private, Christian institutions upon inspection and approval of their programs, operations, and integrity.

ACFICSCU is worldwide accreditation that honors the separation of chuch and state, and extends beyond national boundaries. Its standards and expectations measure compliance with scriptural principles as applied to education.

  • Curriculum Standards: A legitimate institution sets real, definable curriculum standards, based on historical good practice, for each of its programs.
  • Instructional Delivery: A legitimate institution requires its learners to undertake instruction, either from its own faculty, or from providers who have been accredited or approved based on a rigorous approval model.
  • Authorization: Legitimate authorization involves the institution placing itself under the oversight of a duly appointed, sanctioned approval body. A legitimate institution grants degrees under the authority of the government agency in the state or country in which it operates.
  • Faculty Standards: A legitimate institution will contract with and employ faculty members who are appropriately qualified to teach in their disciplines, diverse in their educational backgrounds, and committed to academic excellence.
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